Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Artists

I'm proud to present the extremely talented comics artists from Chicago that contributed to the anthology.

Bernie McGovern presents a touching tale of murderous rage gone wrong in his account of the death of "Baby Face" Nelson. You'll no doubt recognize Bernie from his comic Frederick Cooper on Top Shelf 2.0. You can check out his other awesome comics at his website, http://www.rockwellfarmer.com/

Neil Brideau provides the only comic in the anthology to feature Safe Cracking! This particular case highlights the early days of a young Gangland boss Dean O'Bannion. Neil's dark, highly cross-hatched work is turning up everywhere. You can easily track down his fun and meticulous work at his website, http://fromthewell.info/

Nate Beaty pens an inky tale of a typical moment in Chicago Gangland crime in his contribution, keepsake. You can feel the rain, and soak up the era in Nate's beautiful pages from a time gone past. You can check out Nate's vast output at his website, http://natebeaty.com/

Rickey Gonzales won't be outdone by Johnny Depp in his depiction of the death of John Dillinger. Rickey reveals the pieces to the puzzle and the mysteries that still revolve around the famous bank robber. Rickey's complex, character-based comics have won awards and you can check out all his goodness at his website, http://pretentiouscomics.com/

Neil Fitzpatrick or Neil Jam, as he's known on other planets, delivers another knock-out punch with his comic, Gangsta Gangsta. Based on the true story of the only gangland figure to be iced by a horse, Neil brings the funny as always. You can visit him in his world at http://neiljam.com/

Sam Sharpe brings a breath of fresh air to the surrounding blood spray. His story Change Your Name, discusses a secret life of crime. It's sharply drawn and washed in shades of tender ink. They say Al Capone was terrific to his mother. You can find Sam's other fantastic work at one of his blogs, http://viewotron.blogspot.com/

Jeff Z draws a comic detailing the birth of the Thompson Sub Machine Gun (also known as "The Chicago Typewritter") and it's effect on the blood supply of Chicago hospitals. His website is http://www.jeffscomics.com/

Jeremy Tinder closes out the book with a fantastic "How-To" in making Bathtub Gin. Don't worry, he manged to draw the most logical conclusion involving copious amounts of blood. Jeremy is a cartooning powerhouse and his comics and paintings can be found at his website, http://www.jeremytinder.com/

Finally, the book is adorned with two phenomenal illustrations by two phenomenal cartoonists.

Ivan Brunetti is the cartooning genius behind Schizo and the editor of An Anthology of Graphic Fiction, Volumes 1 and 2 by Yale University Press. His beautiful comics can be found through his publisher, Fantagraphics.

Josh Cotter is the award winning cartoonist of the fantastic graphic novel Skyscrapers of the Midwest. His highly anticipated book, Driven by Lemons is available from his publisher, Ad House Books.

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